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Anaesthesia & Surgery

Anaesthesia and surgery are one of the most important components in veterinary medicine. At Payneham Vet Centre we take this very seriously. Our team of nurses and vets are extensively trained and up to date with the latest practices in surgical procedures & medicine. We take the health and comfort of your animals as a top priority.

While under anaesthetic your animal will be connected to anaesthetic monitors which will measure your pets heart rate, ECG, O2 levels and blood pressure. This will help to assist with a smooth & safe anaesthetic.

If your animal is over the age of 7 years old, we recommend that a pre-anaesthetic blood test is taken prior to the procedure. Like us, animals age & changes start to occur inside that we can’t see. In doing pre-anaesthetic blood tests, it will help to detect any changes to key organs prior to undergoing a sedation or anaesthetic which will help minimise potential complications. Intravenous fluids are routinely used for procedures.

At Payneham Vet Centre we offer a wide range of surgical procedures. From desexings, all soft tissue surgery, dentals through to corrective airway surgery & orthopaedic procedures, our team of dedicated & experienced Veterinarians & nurses will look after your valued family member.

Areas We Service

We service many suburbs of North Western Adelaide metropolitan area in South Australia (SA).

Please click on the map below to see an alphabetical list of suburbs we commonly service.

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